Nendoroid Kuroki Tomoko #372 Review^^

 Jeng jeng…. Ohayo!! A package came to my door a few days back and I didn’t really have time to open up to check what arrived. But after finally opening the parcel!!! Ze cutie had arrive!!! Here we go with another Nendoroid Review!!!! *flys off like superman*

Nendoroid Kuroki Tomoko #372 from the anime Watamote. Basically the anime is about a girl who blames society for why she isn’t popular at school. (PS: Watch the anime, its funny yet it has a good storyline^^)

So ill be giving yall a look on the packaging of the box & a few poses you could do with the lovely Tomoko 🙂

014 The Box


  All the parts given!! LOOK AT THOSE FACEPLATES!!! *faints*


 *These are just random poses I did with her, there may be more you could do*

034 025 022 023 024

Here are some stats that would come in-handy from my point of view from my very Tomoko Nendoroid 🙂 

  • Sculpting – 10/10 ( the sculpting was done perfectly on my nendoroid, no smudges or anything)
  • Painting – 10/10 (The painting is done as well as the sculpting, every bit was just like the anime)
  • Posing –   11/10 (I would declare that this nendoroid has by far one of the greatest faceplates & accessories ever!)
  • Base – 5/5 (The base was the usual Nendoroid base^^)
  • Packaging –  5/5 (The box had the feel of steady/strong cardboard unlike the one my Tsukiko Nendoroid came with)
  • Enjoyment –  11/10 (This nendoroid is by far revolutionary to me, the faceplates,accessories,poses,paint job & sculpting was PERFECT)
  • I would like to declare that this Nendoroid is a MUST GET. You would regret it if you don’t get your hands on one!
  • Although there has been some complaint on her having less quality control but I didn’t see it all at on my nendoroid. (SHE’S PERFECT)

Moving on to the most striking faceplates i’ve seen!!!

035 031

>Anselm’s Inner Thoughts<

(╯°□°)╯︵ Why you so awesome Tomoko?!?!?!


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