Holiday @ Sydney Australia!!! Woo Hoo!!

Ohayo!!! Hello once again!! Just returned from a family holiday to Sydney Australia!! 

It has to be by far the best Holiday i’ve had YET. From having nice cool breeze and bright sunny mornings, 6 days was too short for me really! 

So now for the nendoroids!! For this Holiday, I took Kobato, Tsukiko, Tohka, & Asuna with me. These 4 cuties fit perfectly for my ideas I had in mind for this post 😀


020 022

Kobato-chan waits patiently for the Train to arrive so she can experience how it feels like 😀


Kobato-chan boards the train & off we go! :3

And after the 2hour trip from the airport to where im supposed to go. Tsukiko is purposely started to annoy Kobato :3
Ara ara, play nice girls 😛

099 100

Tsukiko is spying on someone!!! *gasp*

tsukiko aussie



So the next day my family decided to take the train back to Sydney to enjoy what it has to offer!! And hell the City is just amazing!! We went on the cruise, visited the Opera House, saw a huge clown mask, warship at the museum & many more!!! Owh and pancakes!!


Kobato , Asuna & Tohka visits the Sydney Opera house (Technically not in the photo but she’s next to it)

289 284 283


After a long day of walking around the city, The very next morning ,Tohka decides to go to the beach!! Wooo hooo!! Swimsuit photos!

044 045 046

Kobato sits & stares at the open sea.

Finally after 6 days of shopping, sight seeing & adventure!! Its time to say goodbye to the ever wonderful Sydney Australia :’) 

Kobato-chan can’t wait to go home and see Oni-chan!! Lets just hope that naughty Nun isn’t back home waiting for her O_O!!!

204 202

Asuna strolls around the train station before boarding it to go to the Airport.

 It starts to rain as we head towards the airport. Its as if Australia doesn’t want us to go >_<


Returned home. But heart & mind remained in Australia :’)



>Anselm’s Inner Thoughts<

(╯°□°)╯︵ I wanna go back to Australia with more nendos again!!! Its just too beautiful!!


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