Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone who celebrates such a ROMANTIC day^^
God Bless yall and stay lovely to the couples^^

As for the single peeps (SHOUTOUT!! WOO HOO :P) , Maybe we gotta give it some time aye^^ Who knows, someone might be actually interested in some of us *kekekeke*


So Tsukiko was also in the “Single” category this year 😛

Lets not feel so down aite^^ There’s always everybody’s one true love that’s always there!!! FOOD!!! As for Tsukiko, I gave her a KitKat to cheer the mood up a lil 😀

Until the next update!!! Cya
>Anselm’s Inner Thoughts<

(>‘o’)>  ~~~> ( Why don’t all the single people make a special day to meet each other!)


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