Happy Lunar New Year!! Red All Around!

Hey Hey Hey!!! Its the Lunar New Year!! Or from where I come from! Chinese New Year!! It’s that time where family gathers together to gamble & have fun with each other!! Im like 4 days late of the actual day as I was having a lil bit too much fun with my cousins and brothers (PS: Busy Gambling my way to more nendoroid) Since its the New Lunar Year of the Horse!! I got together a small shoot for it^^
Nendoroids! Assemble!! 029

For this shoot, I actually opened my two nendoroids of mine from their new boxes 😀
They were Nendoroid Shinonono Houki & Nendoroid Cecilia Alcott from the anime Infinite Stratos( Highly Recommend but the dude is DENSE). The other rascals used were Tohka , Asuna & Tsukiko.

040Orange for the shoot, practically my mom said all the ‘GOOD’ ones were eaten by dad and I was like NOOOOOO :3

 Houki & Cecilia’s first photo together (Watch the Anime & you know they have something else in mind)


om nom nom nom nommmmm

Everybody fit perfectly inside the two drawer CNY box, well all except the shy girl who then felt left out 😦


Being comforted after feeling left out. Ngawwwww Asuna :3


AngBao time!!! *someone feels left out again -_-*


 Time for Huggies!! someone is up to no good   


Even Tsukiko was invited to come down and join the AngBao gathering. Wonder what Cecilia is planning out O_O.

Wonder if there were enough angbao for everyone….

Well this sums up the Lunar New Year post for now 😀 

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrate such a wonderful festival!! Bonus Picture belowwwwwwww^^

 Happy Chinese New Year


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