I’ll Show You What Cute Really Means!!!

So I received a package from HobbyLinkJapan a day ago and as usual, I was as happy as I can be 😀boxing 1

Inside this very box contained such cuteness it could probably kill!! *just kidding*
So enough of my chit-chat! Lets review two out of three of the cuties!!

Tohka Box Tsukiko Review

So lets start with my current most favourite anime character!! Yatogami Tohka! ❤ ❤ ❤Tohka pose Giving of a damsel in distress look >_<

And then here comes her uncontrollable anger!! O_O

tohka pose 1 tohka summon

She ever picked a fight with Asuna to see who is the better swordsmen!!!! *takes out popcorn and eats*tohka & asuna tohka & asuna 2 

NOW FOR THE OTHER CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! The emotionless Tsukiko!!! *no emotion shown*

 Tsukiko1 Ehehehehehehehe!!! Such a cutie pic isn’t she?? 😀

tsukiko2 That’s not all!! She loves her meat buns!!! *eats more popcorn*

tsukiko4 And finally!!! The Ever so adorable!!! Cat pose!! *meowww*

Thats all for this post as I’m quite busy in the past two weeks but I assure you all!! There is a really big project ill be showing yall soon 🙂
Cya guys later!!
bai baiii :3

the surprise has something to do with popcorn


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